CMI Header Applications

Available Systems

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CMI Industrial is proud of its heritage as a designer and manufacturer of top-quality sound and noise attenuation systems that have set the benchmark for quality and innovation. CMI has enjoyed a decades-long leadership position by offering unparalleled products and services, and maintaining industry-leading customer satisfaction.

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Header Application Chart

Less than 750 More than 750
Blown or Supercharged Elbow-Tops
Sport Tubes
Big Tube
Big Elbow-Top
Naturally Aspirated Elbow-Top
Elbow-Top Light
Sport Tube Light
Sport Tubes
Big Tube

All CMI headers are designed to outperform most conventionally cast manifolds because CMI headers are lighter and freer breathing. Long tube-style headers, like CMI Sport Tubes and CMI Big Tube headers, enable naturally aspirated engines to reach peak performance power through more efficient exhaust scavenging and improved exhaust tuning.

For blown and supercharged engine applications, short tube-style headers, like CMI Elbow-Top, CMI Elbow-Top Light, CMI Unitop, and CMI Big Elbow-Top headers, perform similarly to, and in some cases better than, long tube-style headers. Short tube-style headers are also typically less expensive.

For applications where CMI Big Tube and Big Elbow-Top headers are required, CMI offers a range of primary tube diameter sizes to optimize engine torque and boost horsepower.

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