Anatomy of a Tailpipe

Flex Flare Bend Race Dump Hole Miter Hex

Flex Flare

Proprietary Custom Marine tailpipe connection. This type of connections allows for installation flexibility of up to 1/2u201d in any direction, while also providing an excellent exhaust seal.


These types of transitions in the tailpipe are performed with a mandrel. All water jacketed bends have a consistent gap for just the right amount of cooling fluid.

Race Dump

Mixes exhaust gas and water by pushing all the liquid to the top of the tailpipe at the 11 and 1 ou2019clock positions, forcing the tail to full with water and allowing water and gas to exit at the 11 and 1 ou2019clock positions.


This mixing method has a welded water jacket with holes all the way around the pipe, located just before the welded seam.


All miter joints are cut and welded, leaving a consistent gap for just the right amount of cooling fluid.


Mixes exhaust gas and water by pushing all the liquid through the end of the tailpipe evenly. The hex dump is ideal for applications with a high volume of water that flows through the tailpipe.

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Custom Marine tailpipe sets are built for stock plug-in installations to complete custom staggered, triple, and quad applications. Tailpipes can be built in a variety of styles from tip style or through hull or completely dry to tractor style.

Custom Tailpipes

For stock motors not at risk for water reversion, standard tip style tailpipes connecting to a transom tip with a rubber connector hose is the most common. These can be anywhere from standard bravo hole locations to fully custom exhaust exit locations, including corner exit. CMI also builds many transom tip varieties to meet specific customer needs.

Big Power Tails

Through hull tailpipes are the best choice for custom motors with aggressive cams because they provide better protection from reversion. These tailpipes are water jacketed and one piece with water mixing at the very end outside the boat, not mixing in the exhaust stream. For motors with extreme reversion issues, through hull tailpipes can be sealed up completely dry with a bung for overboard water dump to avoid mixing with the exhaust at all. Tractor style tailpipes go up through the engine hatch, and these are almost exclusively for race boats – not very common on pleasure applications.

Tailpipe Options

  • Fully Polished
  • Made From 304L Stainless Steel
  • Custom built per application
  • Tailpipes include appropriate clamp kits for installation onto headers
  • Bench top fixture built for accurate fit up
  • 4” and 4 ½” inside tubing based on header in use
  • Can be stepped up to larger diameters
  • Can have baffles installed into pipes