Surf's Up!

At Custom Marine, we take customer ideas on how to produce a better wave and turn them into prototypes quickly. Anything from a rapid fill ballast system to retractable wave shaping contraptions, if you have the idea, we can produce it. CMI has the unique ability to be the “one stop shop” for wake enhancement products that incorporate hydraulic or electric actuation – with or without position feedback.

How Custom Marine Makes Waves



Manufactured from aluminum or stainless steel to fit your transom, Custom Marine’s wake enhancements help you create the wave you need, when you need it – and where you need it. CMI can build your wake plates to suit the actuator of your choice. Custom Marine provides products in a variety of finishes: polished, brushed, anodized or electropolished – for ultimate corrosion resistance.


When all the way up or all the way down is not perfect for the rider, Custom Marine can dial in your wave with a position feedback sensor. Custom Marine offers a variety of sensors, both linear and rotary, so you know your plate’s exact position.


Need more push? CMI Hydraulic Actuators

If you’re tired of replacing electric actuators under warranty, it’s time to step up to hydraulic actuators. These corrosion resistant hydraulically powered actuators are easy to install and are far more reliable than other electric actuators, which are prone to failure in the demanding wake enhancement environment. Available in a variety of strokes and forces, Custom Marine can provide the hydraulic actuator to fit your unique transom.


Custom Marine’s proprietary “no weld” integrated wake plate hinge offers the ultimate in reliability. Using 10 gauge material, CMI forms a hinge right onto the plate and uses a 1/2” solid stainless steel hinge pin. Before the competitor’s hinge breaks and causes gel coat damage – and a spoiled weekend – step up to the proven “no fail” Custom Marine hinge.

Custom Marine Hinge

Watch the video to see how it’s made.


Competitor’s Hinge

Need A Custom Wake Enhancement Solution?

When OEM boat manufacturers need a fail safe wake enhancement ballast system, they come to Custom Marine. For example, the Ramfill Ballast system, shown here, was developed per Centurion’s specifications – from the cast aluminum intake scoop to the bent stainless steel plumbing, all using electric actuators and mechanical overrides. Custom Marine’s next custom ballast project could be yours!

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