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CMI Stainless Steel Thruster Kit

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All new thruster from Customer Marine fits Axis boats 23’ and smaller with both Power Wedge III or the floating wedge. This mini thruster helps with docking, picking up riders and pulling out. This thruster has a max current inrush of 70 amps and will have a constant pull of 55 to 60amps when running. With this thruster, there is no need to add a 3rd battery and this unit is engineered for a plug and play installation. This thruster uses a brushed motor and is intended for intermittent use so run time is limited to 45 seconds. While DIY installation is possible it is highly recommended to have this thruster installed by a qualified boat dealership. Included in the kit:
• Thruster with 5 blade prop & flex motor coupler & prop guards.
• 4-gauge power wire with Deutsch DTHD connectors pre-installed.
• 12 pin Deutsch connector with pre-populated wires.
• Smart motor controller
The wire harness included in the kit is made to fit most Axis boats, in some cases you may need to extend the wires to tie into the 12-volt source depending on the mounting location of the motor controller. Not included in this kit is an on/off switch. Any on/off switch will work, or you can get a throttle from our sister company Livorsi Marine that has a switch located in the handle of the throttle knob.

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